Dive Into a Well-Maintained Swimming Pool Today!

The certified professionals at Blue Reef Pools, LLC help people enjoy safe, fun outdoor environments by taking care of your pool needs. We specialize in full service cleaning & chemical balancing for both pools & spas. Call us at (561)-602-2010 and experience peace of mind that your pool will always be clean and the water in proper chemical balance for a healthy swimming experience.

Swimming Pools Need Cleaning And Maintenance

We also offer comprehensive pool cleaning and maintenance for residential and commercial pools. Property owners require these services on a regular basis in order to maintain swimming pools in safe, hygienic condition. Few people possess the expertise required to apply and maintain correct levels of pool chemicals. We do.

Trust our friendly, CPO certified staff to take care of your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance needs. You can cancel your contract at any time. Select either the full service or the basic care package:

Our Full Service Weekly Pool Package (All Cleaning and Chemicals Included!)

Never worry again about pool cleaning and maintenance when you select our full service carefree pool package. We use the best industry equipment to vacuum pool, brush your pool, skim pool surface, clean pool skimmer baskets, clean tiles, check pool chemical levels and properly balance all your pool chemicals each week, and clean filter cartridge as needed. Not only that but we only use the best quality chemicals available for your pool balancing and pool treatments.

The Essentials: Chemical Package

For those customers that do not want to bother with buying, transporting, and storing potentially hazardous chemicals: we offer our weekly chemical program to once a week test your pool water and add the necessary pool chemicals to keep your pool water clean and perfectly balanced.

Pool Green to Blue Service: Enjoy Lovely Blue Water Again!

Have you ever witnessed an algae-covered green swimming pool after a storm? Every year, Blue Reef Pools, LLC assists property owners in recovering from these disasters! We’ll carefully transform a smelly, storm-damaged eyesore back into an inviting, sparkling blue pool. Enjoy a refreshing, safe spot to relax and socialize during hot summer days!

Well-Qualified Pool Inspection Services

Have you considered purchasing or selling real estate that includes a swimming pool? Every year, buyers and sellers incur thousands of dollars in costs because someone failed to take the condition of a swimming pool into consideration prior to entering into a real estate sales contract. Learn about the actual condition of the swimming pool in advance of a closing:

  • Our firm benefits from the services of well-trained Certified Pool Operator staff members;
  • We conduct complete professional pool inspections for property owners;
  • Ask Blue Reef Pools, LLC to inspect your residential or commercial swimming pool;
  • Our service area encompasses Northern Palm Beach County, including: Jupiter, Juno Beach, Lake Park, Tequesta, the Acreage, North Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

North Palm Beach Pool Service

Call us at (561)-602-2010. Enjoy a safe, well-maintained swimming pool with the assistance of Blue Reef Pools, LLC!